Joshua Bruce

Thank you for clicking whatever button you clicked to get here! I’m so happy you did. My name is Joshua Bruce. I’m a middle child, a centimeter under 6-feet, and I like making friends (imaginary or otherwise). When I was just a little guy in Junior High, my life was changed when a NET Missionary showed me that I could have a life filled with joy and hope by committing my life to Christ. I thank God every day that a NET Missionary proclaimed God’s love to me! Since then, God has led me through twists and turns on a journey to becoming NET’s Retreat Ministry Coordinator. I get to oversee a ministry that invites around 20,000 young people into a relationship with Jesus every year.

When you support me, you are inviting 20,000 young people into a relationship with Jesus.

Young Canadians today are struggling through mental health issues, broken families, social pressure, addiction, and identity confusion. How many of them do you think hear about the peace and healing that a relationship with Christ could provide? That number goes up with every Retreat that is facilitated by NET Canada.

I can’t do this on my own. I have a team of people working on this important and urgent mission. I want you on my team! You might not be able to give up your lifestyle, hop in a van, and travel across the country evangelizing, but you can help our missionaries to do that. You can become a co-missionary.

Will you help with my mission by becoming a monthly donor today? My personal goal is to have a team of co-missionaries that brings $1,000 to NET every month. The gospel being proclaimed to 20,000 youth relies on donations like yours. Monthly donations provide NET with a stable financial position and allow the ministry to look forward confidently, knowing that people like you are looking right along with us. Whatever you can offer will help work wonders!

If you have any questions, please contact me at or (343) 572-3234.

In Christ through Mary,

Joshua Bruce