Mirjam Welling

Hi! My name is Mirjam, I am 21 years old and I am from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. I really love board games, sports, and Marvel movies!

After I graduated high school I decided to come to Canada to volunteer with NET Canada. I served for two years as a missionary, and it was the most amazing experience! I got to see how many youth hunger for Christ and have a desire to grow in their faith and long to discover the treasures of our Church.

This past year I served on Mission Staff as a Team Supervisor. It is incredible to realize that NET’s mission statement, ”To challenge young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church”, not only applies to the young people our missionaries reach out to but even to the missionaries themselves! As a supervisor, it has been such a pleasure leading our missionaries and journeying with them in their pilgrimage towards heaven.

I will continue as a Team Supervisor for the 2021-2022 year and I am so excited to work with our missionaries during a year that will transform both their lives and the lives of so many other young people across the country.

Since NET Canada is a non-profit organization, we are dependent on your help to make this mission possible. You can help make this mission happen with your prayerful and/or financial support. If you donate $50 or donate monthly, you will receive NET’s newsletter throughout the year, as well as letters from me updating you on my mission.

Your generosity can make a change in this world!

In Christ,