Sarah Douglas - Administration Coordinator


 Hello! My name is Sarah Douglas. I am from a Catholic family of 8 kids, hailing from Langley, British Columbia. I was homeschooled until Grade 6 and then attended St. John Brebeuf Catholic High School until the end of Grade 12. I love the outdoors, reading, and miniature cows!

I am so grateful for God's call and the opportunity I was given to serve on a NET travelling team two years ago and then work as the admin assistant in the head office this past year. I am even more grateful for the opportunity to continue in this position again this year.

At the end of Grade 12, I fell away from my faith. It was by the grace of God and through both my brother, Jacob, who was working with NET at that time and another NET staff member, that I am here today. I owe part of my conversion to the NET staff and the countless prayers of my family. But even more than that, I also owe it to you, our donors and supporters, who give so generously, both financially and prayerfully. You are part of the reason that this mission continues to thrive and grow. You made it possible for a NET staff member to reach out to me and reignite a love for God inside of me, and you make it possible for me to give back to the youth what I received three years ago.

On behalf of myself and the youth of Canada who have lost, or are losing hope, I would like to thank you so much for providing us with the opportunity to experience the love of God and receive the hope and peace that He so longs for all to have.

I would like to ask for your continuous prayers for myself as I continue working for NET for another year and for our mission, that we may be an example of God’s incredible love in the world. God Bless!


2021-2022 Missionaries


Emily Beatty, Winnipeg, MB

Prince Edward Island

Rebekah Scott, Clyde River, PE 


Marie Levesque, Saskatoon, SK

2020-2021 Missionaries


Amanda Paul, Calgary, AB
Benjamin Taylor, Airdrie, AB 
Pia Ocenar, Calgary, AB

British Columbia

Anthony Beltrame, Langley, BC 
Brittney Grimard, Chilliwack, BC
Gerard Bouwman, Abbotsford, BC  
Joel Matte, Prince George, BC
Matthias Steiner, Fraser Lake, BC
Maria Altamirano, North Vancouver, BC 
Maria Van Vugt, Langly, BC 
Paul Bruneau, Coquitlam BC
Peter Roddis, Abbotsford, BC 


Kyle Furedi, Lorette, MB 
Libby Kautz, Winnipeg, MB 
Marinna Fillion, Ste Anne, MB

Nova Scotia

Abbygail, MacDonald, Halifax, NS 
Fernanda Cano, Bridgewater, NS
Jacob Brown, Halifax, NS


Benjamin Pruner, Ashton, ON  
Cameron Schieman, Ottawa, ON
Catherine Henry, Woodstock, ON
Celia McCormick, Woodstock, ON
Christina Dunn, Ancaster, ON 
Elizabeth Keogh, Tottenham, ON 
Emily Rose Shortell, Belleville, ON
Faith Alcantara, Mississauga, ON
Fanny Matte, Bourget, ON 
Jaqueline Ceron, London, ON  
Katie Jacobs, Windsor, ON 
Kyle Abrahamse, Whitby, ON
Louise Lapain, Essex, ON
Maximilian Longworth, Woodstock, ON
Michael Porta, London, ON
Mikèla Lemieux, Monkland, ON 
Miriam Pereira, Rockland, ON  
Monica Palacios, London, ON
Noah Runstedler, Listowel, ON  
Pierre Caron, Chatham, ON
Theresa Henry, Woodstock, ON

Prince Edward Island

Amber Laybolt, Charlottetown, PEI  
Thomas Cheeseman, Morell, PEI


Marianne Lafrance, Chatham, QC


Matthew Bentler, Saskatoon, SK


Analiza Thomas, Trinidad and Tobago 
Renske de Greeuw, Heerhugowaard, Netherlands  
Samuel Brown, New South Wales, Australia