Noah Runstelder, Listowel, ON


Hello! I'm Noah Runstedler. I am 17 years old and I live outside of Listowel Ontario. I like to play sports, mainly rugby and I like spending time with my family. Last year I began to hear about NET and witness the amazing ministry these young adults do and how much joy they have doing it. They really inspired me to do more with my faith by helping others develop their relationships with God. So I have decided to do a year of NET as well. Thank you so much for your support and prayers. Noah.

2019-2020 Missionaries


Faith Ortmeier, Calahoo, AB
Gabriella Debusschere, Clyde, AB
Patrick Wasch, Calgary, AB 
Pia Ocenar, Calgary, AB
Scott Hamm, Daysland, AB

British Columbia

Estefania Pryma, Victoria, BC
Kieran Gillespie, Surrey, BC

Maria Altamirano, North Vancouver, BC 
Maria Van Vugt, Langley, BC
Matthias Steiner, Fraser Lake, BC
Peter Roddis, Abbotsford, BC
Rémi Lambert, Burns Lake, BC
Sarah Irving, Prince Geroge, BC


Dominique Gougeon-Gagnon, Winnipeg, MB
Libby Kautz, St. Malo, MB
Petra Nikolic, Winnipeg, MB

New Brunswick

Mary-Anne Ruggles, Fredericton, NB
Meghan Darling, Saint John, NB

Nova Scotia

Abbygail MacDonald, Halifax, NS


Angie Sanchez, Toronto, ON
Annette Hartman, Zurich, ON
Benjamin Taylor, Aurora, ON

Brandon Milley, Ottawa, ON 
Catherine Maclean, Ottawa, ON 
Colin Frayne, Waterloo, ON
Domenic Thachuck, Windsor, ON 
Emily Harper-McLaurin, Ottawa, ON
Emma Sguigna, Brampton, ON
Isaac Pruner, Ashton, ON 
Jonathan Crespo, Ottawa, ON
Meganne Schwartzentruber, New Hamberg, ON
Michelle Pacheco, Brampton, ON 
Nikola Frlan, Ottawa, ON
Noah Runstedler, Listowel, ON
Peter Tomaszewski, Ailsa Craig, ON
Rebecca Harber, Grimsby, ON
Rebecca Pruner, Ashton, ON 
Rebecca Bodington, Ajax, ON
William Danahy, Belleville, ON
Yohan Louise, Mississauga, ON

Prince Edward Island

Ashley Perry, Richmond, PE
Lucas Pollard, Stratford, PE


Paul Bentler, Saskatoon, SK


Agatha Harrold, Hilperton, EN
Evronia Allan, New South Wales, AU

Gemma Hall, Minnesota, US
Helena Wong, New Jersey, US
Isabella Jorna, Auckland, NZ 
Louis Hollowell, Guernsey
Lucy Starkie, Manchester, EN
Mirjam Welling, Nijmegen, NL 
Renske de Greeuw, Heerhugowaard, NL

2020-2021 Missionaries


David Thorley, Brisbane, Australia
Tess Brennan, Brisbane, Australia