Dominique Gougeon-Gagnon, Winnipeg, MB


Hello! Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.

My name is Dominique Gougeon-Gagnon, I'm 20 years old. I'm from Winnipeg Manitoba and I love cats.

This is my second year with NET. Last year I served with the bilingual retreat team. Honestly I felt a call right away to do a second year but what I discovered was that my year was a beautiful 10 months of spiritual growth and learning to love sacrificially. I'm super excited to serve again with NET and to grow more in every aspect of who God is calling me to be. Not only that but I've learnt that I love the mission of NET. Everyday I get to help youth come closer to Christ and I thank God that He's chosen me to do that again!

I'm so excited to see where God is calling me to be this coming year and if your feeling called to support me or to pray for me, please do so.

Thank you for your time, God bless!