Emily Rose Shortell, Belleville, ON


 Hello! and welcome to my fundraising page!

My name is Emily Rose. I come from a family of seven girls, and I am right in the middle (the middlest, if you'd like.) I was born and raised in a quaint little city called Belleville, Ontario. I REALLY enjoy a good fantasy novel or movie. I spend most of my time hiking and fashioning little indie songs that are very close to my heart. I studied performing arts in Toronto and I am always down for a good cup o' java. I was born and raised Catholic and recently God has called me to go fishing! I am wildly excited to join as a missionary for NET Canada this upcoming year!

 I am currently stationed in a small city called Stoney Creek with Team 4. Our team has a focal point directed at the youth ministry for a parish called ‘The Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish’ where are are very loved and welcomed by the community. Our mission has consisted largely of hosting youth centred events and youth groups. All with Gods love, We are a small team with big dreams for Stoney Creek :) 

I would like to invite you to accompany me throughout this journey through prayer and if you are able, through donation. If you chose to donate $50 or more, or give monthly you will be sent a newsletter to keep you updated on our journey. I will, of course, be praying very much for every one of you :)

I say this with great appreciation and complete joy, thank you so very much.

Warmest wishes and God bless,

Emily Rose