Estefania Pryma - Victoria, BC


My name is Estefania Pryma, and I am 18 years old and the oldest of 4 siblings. I was born in White Rock, and at the age of 7 I moved to Victoria, where I attended Catholic school right through graduation. I am a rowing coach, attending all ages, and all levels. God has been working in my life in very powerful ways through many different speakers who have come to the various Diocesan Youth Events throughout my life and I have always been moved and inspired to be like them every time. NET first appealed to me 3 years ago at a youth retreat, but It wasn't until this past May while serving as a leader at the Diocesan Youth Conference that God made it clear to me that it's time I became a missionary evangelist with NET Ministries to share how God has worked in my life. I saw how much difference one person can make on someone's life, and realized I want to do the same. After my year serving on NET Canada, I want to be a police officer, with a bachelor's degree in forensic psychology. With the negative connotations of not only being a female, but also Catholic, I want to show others that it is possible to be a Catholic female police officer! I would be so grateful for any donation you can make to help me raise the required amount of money to support my year away. I need to raise $6000 by August 8th. I know it's a lot in a short amount of time but I am

confident God will provide the way.  Through your tax deductable donation, so many youth will be told how much God loves them and I will pray for each of you daily! Thank you so much in advance!