Matthias Steiner, Fraser Lake, BC


My name is Matthias Steiner. I am from a small town called Fraser Lake located in northern BC, Canada. I love music, sports, the outdoors, and spending time with my family. I am from a family of eight with 4 younger sisters and a little brother. I have chosen to volunteer on NET as a missionary. Over the past few years and as I have been looking into what to do after high-school, I feel that God is calling me to youth ministry. NET is a year-long, voluntary mission and is the perfect place to share my faith, enthusiasm, musical talents, and the love of God with young people. This year has been filled with so many surprises and blessings. One of them being that I get to be here in Brooklin Ontario at St. Leo the Great Parish doing youth ministry, and another that I get to do it alongside an awesome team of amazing young people. The Ministry has definitely been wild and often changing but so, so good at the same time. Because of the lockdown here, we are doing all our ministry online which has caused us to have to be creative with our ministry and this has been very blessed and a lot of fun. My team is also so great. They have been such a joy to work with and have challenged me to grow in so many ways, such as in my faith and as a man. I am so excited for what the rest of this year has in store. Please keep me, my team, and our ministry in your prayers.
I invite you to join me on the mission of NET through your financial support. If you donate monthly or $40 or more you will receive the NET Newsletter and my personal letter updating you on my mission throughout the year. Thank you for visiting my page. Please pray for me and I will pray for you. God bless!