Rebecca Pruner, Ashton, ON


Hi friend! Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! I'm Becca, and I'm from just outside of Ottawa. I served my first year on the national travelling bilingual Team 2. It was such a beautiful growing experience for me-both spiritually and personally. My team really helped with that growth. Our ministry was so fruitful, and I was extremely blessed by seeing the Holy Spirit move and change the hearts of youth across Canada. 

I felt called to serve another year with NET because of the example that many second-year NETters gave me on my first year, and the growth they inspired me to. This mission is something I really believe in, and nearing the end of my first year, I felt like God was saying He wasn't finished yet. 

Please prayerfully consider joining me in this mission financially! This would not be possible without you! If you are unable to help by donating, please pray for me- any form of support is so needed and appreciated. 

Thank you again, and God bless!