Thomas Cheeseman, Morell, PE


Hiya! My name is Thomas Cheeseman and I am from the tiny Island of PEI. I am nineteen years old and I am the third oldest of nine. I love playing guitar and singing, making people laugh, and I also love playing my favourite sport Squash. I applied to do NET because God has called me to take a year away from my usual life and do something fantastic by serving him and evangelizing to youth.

Currently I am in Vancouver! My team and I have been doing discipleship in two private Catholic Schools. Our team has been devoted to evangelizing to the youth through small groups and friendship with the youth. We’ve been able to have powerful conversations with these youth and witness them commit their lives to Christ through prayer, relationships, and the rosary. God is working wonders in their lives and I am very grateful to be here to witness them grow and help guide them where I can.