Just Keep Swimming (Evangelizing)

Hey technological world!

The recent weeks have been pretty packed as usual, but have been a huge blessing, especially as we see the end of our mission in Beauce is approaching. We are finishing preparations for our final youth nights and events, masses, Adoration nights and even a talent show/honouring for our host homes!

Last weekend, we had a youth mass that was a very beautiful experience. For the first time since we arrived in La Beauce, the youth band managed to play the Mass in its full extent, without the help of anyone from our team. I stood there in the pew like a soccer mom, cheering on her children! I am so proud of them and how they have grown since first coming together as a band. In addition to this, we had youth who altar served the Mass, brought up the gifts at the offertory, recited the prayers of the faithful, sang the psalm and read the readings! The group of youth here have been so inspiring and it was wonderful to see the whole Mass celebrated with so many youth involved, right in front of my own eyes.

We have reached a point in the year where our team is doing less and less, as we are empowering our youth leaders to do more and more. A huge part of our mission coming to La Beauce this year was to train the youth in ministry, in hopes that they will be able to continue youth ministry long after NET has passed through. We have witnessed a lot of beautiful moments and have many glory stories that have erupted over the past seven months. But even though we are wrapping up here, our work is not yet done.

It's very easy to want to sit back and relax as the days are quickly passing and our time in Beauce is coming to an end, basking in all that has been accomplished and seen this year. But we are not called to do that. We aren't called to sit still and wait for time to pass. That would be an option, yes, but it is not one worth choosing.

Evangelization is a lifelong mission. The mission that our team has had here in Beauce has been one that is blatantly obvious, given our mission statement as a team (seen below) and the fact that we are living as radical missionary disciples. But we are all called to evangelize. When I go back home in a month, I will no longer hold the title of "NET missionary", but the only thing that will change is that NET will be over - the missionary part will stay. None of us are called to massively reconvert the whole of modern society, but in building relationships with people or with the people we are already close to, we may find that evangelization isn't as terrifying as we might think. It is in our baptism and in our blood. Everyone is called to evangelize, and we all have the choice to make.

"With a belief that God does not abandon the people of Quebec, we respond to the call of the Holy Spirit to bring healing to his people by renewing their faith so that they can rediscover the heart of their identity. We'll testify to the young people of Beauce with our faith and our joy that friendship with Jesus offers the possibility of a new life filled with happiness, a united community, true freedom and eternal hope. He is the answer to all our desires, our questions and our concerns. We want to transform their perspective of the Church as the vehicle of grace and a vibrant community, energetic and alive. After their own conversions and filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit, we will train them to be disciples following Jesus' footsteps by embarking in the mission of proclaiming the Good News."

God bless you,