How to Pack like a Missionary

You’ve probably seen some of us NET missionaries, or at least pictures of us. You may have noticed how we only travel with one suitcase and a backpack. How do we do it you may ask?! Jesus! Haha, though Jesus does help us, there are a lot of decisions we have to make on our own when it comes to packing for such a unique adventure!

So whether you’re thinking of applying for NET yourself, want some overall travel advice, or are just looking for light reading, I got the blog for you!

First, a bit about myself – “who is this girl and what makes her a packing expert?” My name’s Abbra, I’m 25 from Victoria, BC, and I have a degree in theatre. I have travelled a lot in my life, including China, Mexico City, Europe, and now with NET Canada. I don’t claim to be an expert on packing, and I could sure listen to my own advice more often, but I like to think that in general, I have some good tips on making sure you have everything you need while also allowing your suitcase to close with ease.

We all want to be prepared for every possible situation, especially when you have no idea what the foreseeable future is going to look like. This segment is going to focus on outfit dos and don'ts. And to my male friends out there, don’t fret! You can use these tips too; though some of the examples might not apply.

Make sure everything goes together. And I mean EVERYTHING. Got that cute skirt that only goes with 2 of your 7 tops? Leave it. What about that second pair of dress shoes that you might want to wear? Toss ‘em. Ensuring that everything in your suitcase goes together increases the number of outfits you can create and also makes it feel less like you’re wearing the same clothes every day.

Stick with neutral colours. It kind of ties in with the last point of having everything go together, but it’s still worth the mention. Neutral colours are easier to match, yes, but they’re also great throughout the year. Without getting too specific, a simple pop of blue, green, or light grey works anytime of year. Thus adding to its wear-ability (I’ve decided that that’s a word now) for multiple occasions.

The best is finding a simple tee that can be worn with jeans one day and with a skirt the next. When you’ve comprised a wardrobe with those type of items, you know you’ve made it to travel life goals!

Okay, so I’ve given a lot of dos, now for some don'ts.

Do not pack before reading the packing list. On NET, we follow a dress code for day-to-day wear. Chances are, even if you’re not packing for missionary life, you’ll have a dress code to follow too. So look at the list! The last thing you’ll want is to show up having to buy a whole new set of clothes.

Do not pack that crazy pair of jumpsuit pants that you think are a statement piece. They’re not practical for everyday wear, so you’ll only be able to wear them once in a blue moon. Plus, they’re huge, meaning they’re going to take up half your suitcase; this is a no bueno situation.

To wrap it all up: be mindful of how long you’re going to be gone for and how many times you’re going to have to wear an article of clothing. That’s all the space I’ve got for today, so keep smiling, happy packing and God bless.

Abbra, Team 6