Every Oppertunity

It was one evening around the dinner table at training when I was sitting with some of the mission staff and  I was asking them how NET had changed their lives. They all told me about their crazy adventures on the road and how God had worked in their lives, then one of them turned to me and asked, “How do you want NET to change your life?” I paused, and then said, “I want to learn to evangelize in the little ways, in the day to day conversations.”

God was definitely listening when I said this as He has brought me many opportunities to live this out. I would love to share a few of these with you. The first one was during our first week on the road and we had our NET trailer parked on the side of the road for a few days when we didn’t need it. It was in a neighbourhood so there were cars passing by it every day. One afternoon we were standing outside packing up the trailer and this guy in a truck stops, rolls down his window and says, “At last someone is here, can one of you tell me what this NET Canada is?” He explained to us that he had driven past the trailer every day and had been wondering what NET was. We were able to stop what we were doing and explain our ministry to him and he was too shocked to hear about what we were doing. 

Another moment we had to evangelized was in a restaurant after our meal. Our waitress came over to give us the bill and we started asking her about her evening and what fun things there are to do here; this lead her to asking what we were doing in this town and we told her about the work we will be doing in the community. She was so taken aback that six young people would be willing to give up everything to volunteer for a year. She was sharing with us that she knew so few young people that were actually doing something with their lives. Even though we have no idea if she had a relationship with God or not, she was still so encouraging towards us and the work we will be doing.

Lastly, we did a retreat for grades six and seven and during the prayer time some of the youth were getting restless waiting for everyone to be done praying. My teammate saw this so he went and grabbed some rosaries and brought them over to the youth and began to tell them how to pray with it. The youth immediately stopped talking and focused all of their attention on my teammate. Some of the youth nearby also moved over to see what was going on. A few minutes later there were about seven of them sitting in a circle praying the rosary together. They all looked so prayerful and were asking if they could keep the rosaries by the end of it. 

These are just some of the many opportunities God has given my team and me to evangelize. I am so excited to have so many more moments like these! 

Agatha Harrold, Team 3