I used to be jealous of people who had experienced intense experiences of conversion. People who were living their lives moving in one direction, only to have God erupt onto the scene and dramatically change things. People who would say that God revealed Himself to them, in a specific moment and in a way that changed their lives forever. 

I’ve had my fair share of conversations in the past few months. I don’t think I am alone when I say that Covid-19 was kind of a buzzkill in my social life, but it was a season of beautiful conversations nonetheless, thanks to the world wide web! 

For years, I have wanted to be like Lucy Pevensie from C.S. Lewis’ ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ 

All I wanted as a child was to be the next Mother Teresa. Even when I was young, I saw there was something about her that was so special in my mind. She was known for doing what no one else had. She loved the poorest of the poor, served them unconditionally and loved as Jesus Christ Himself.

How to evangelize in a post-Christian world

My name is Laura Vogel (Day) and I served on NET Canada ‘95-’96, and on NET USA ‘97-’98. I married my teammate Joseph Vogel (NET USA ‘96-’97 & ‘97-’98) and have enjoyed almost 21 years of wedded bliss thus far! God has blessed us with 8 children (aged 19-5): Jonathon (NET USA ‘19-’20), Sebastian, Justin, Charlotte, Joshua, Christian, Juliette & Ethan. We also have 5 saints up in Heaven praying for us! 

Do NET teams still give out those paper bookmarks? I was obsessed about them my first year (2001-02 travel team), and frequently urged my team, "bookmarks are the last means of evangelization!"

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Stephanie – aka ‘Steph David’. I am originally from Ottawa, ON and grew up in a practising Catholic family. My parents are Third Order Franciscans. We grew up with the Spirit of Francis and Catherine Doherty shaping our family traditions and shaping the way I saw the world around me. I applied for NET at the encouragement of one of my teachers – and getting to training my first year I felt extremely nervous and ‘unworthy’ as a lot of us do… was I good enough? 

My name is Brandi Banadyga (Olson) and I was on NET in 2009/10 and 2010/11. My family had a deeper conversion to the Catholic faith when I was a preteen and after years of participating in retreats and camps as a teenager, I decided to take it further and serve with NET and I’m so glad I did! 

Dear NET community,

My name is Sam Vail and I am a NET alumnus of the 2016-17 and 2017-18 years. 

I grew up in a Catholic home in Prince Edward Island and attended a very small Christian school. Being a fairly quiet and shy individual worked out quite well for me since I rarely met new people and it kept me out of trouble. I was so quiet in fact, that one of my best friends, whom I met in junior high, after a week of interactions with me, thought I was genuinely mute. One benefit of being quiet is the opportunity to listen and learn from the people around, and it gave me a chance to listen to God fairly often as well. The excitement of a NET year never seemed like an option for a character like myself, but after one year of engineering, I realized that becoming a good engineer was not going to make me a good man, and I needed to radically shake up my static faith life.