It is a long-standing tradition in the Catholic Church that the month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Mother. Having Mary as our Mother is a gift Jesus gave us as He was dying on the cross, when he said to John “son, behold your mother, and mother behold your son” (John 19: 26-17). Because Jesus gave us Mary to be our own mother, she is worthy of our love, delight and celebration!

Disclaimer: This article quotes Demi Lovato's new song titled I Love Me which has explicit words. NET Canada does not endorse or condone the use of explicit words. This song is only being used to exemplify and explain the culture of self-love.

This very unprecedented time in our lives has pushed us to be creative in ways we never thought we’d have to be.

 “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15

Wait… To the whole creation? As in, to the whole world?? 

How can I do that? 

Feeling overwhelmed? Yeah, me too. How about let’s replace the whole world with one person at a time and start there. 

Sometimes we are so paranoid about God taking our plans away that we hold onto them as tightly as we can. We hide them during personal prayer, we keep them hidden so that God can’t see them. We tell God that we want to follow His will, then we tell God what His will is. We try so hard to convince God that we are convinced that this is what He wants and as far as we are aware we are following His will. But we know deep down, that is not the truth.

Throughout the past twenty-five years that NET has existed in Canada, there have been a lot of changes and growth within NET’s ministry. One major change and area of growth that has happened in NET is the existence of Discipleship teams alongside Retreat teams. Both kinds of ministry are beautiful, and yet both also have their challenges. And yet, it is when we are faced with challenges that true growth happens.

What does it mean to be Seen, Known, and Loved?

God I look to You

As you have probably heard all the missionaries were sent home. This was devastating, I remember hearing the schools were closed, shortly after the churches and then small businesses. Our life as we knew it was drastically changing every day. 

One of my biggest likes and dislikes on NET is this thing we do called team prayer.

Reflection on daily Mass readings of April 3, 2020.