Our team went to see Frozen 2 in theatres, and it was amazing! We noticed a lot of parts that could be interpreted through a Catholic eye. 


My innocent Jesus, by the torment you suffered in being stripped of your garments, help me to strip myself of all attachment for the things of earth, that I may place all my love in You who are so worthy of my love. 

- Reflection on the 10th Station as composed by St. Alphonsus Ligouri

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time praying through the Stations of the Cross and was struck by something that had a profound personal impact on me.

As we were preparing to travel to North Bay, Ontario one morning, we had some sudden vehicle trouble with our truck, leaving it stuck on the side of the road.  Unaware of the extent of the damage, we decided to send six members of our team to North Bay in our working vehicle. The last four would stay behind while the truck was fixed, then meet us for our retreat happening in two days. It was going to be our first French retreat. So myself and five other team members hopped in our van and started on our way.

This week I was feeling super apprehensive prior to a retreat because of our team being sick in the previous couple days. We were going to be very outnumbered by a famously rowdy bunch of grade eights.

 Sometimes it feels like the world is going crazy.

“It seems like you’re working two full-time jobs,” my wife commented the other night.  As a full-time dad and a full-time ministry leader, there’s a lot on my plate. I wake up at 6:00 AM to get my prayer time and workout in, and then I devote my day to moving and growing God’s Kingdom, followed by an evening with my wife and two little ones.  I slump into bed absolutely roasted, usually asleep before my head hits the pillow. Some days it feels like things are moving at 100 miles an hour. 

The Netherlands is a pretty small country. It is about 240.35 times smaller than Canada! And it is much more populated. Where Canada has a population of 4 people/km2, the Netherlands has 412 people/km2. Fun fact about the Netherlands:  55% of the Netherlands lies under sea level. We have a whole province that didn’t exist 100 years ago. I mean literally. There was only water. I grew up in a town called Heerhugowaard, which is in the province of Noord-Holland(North-Holland). My house is 2.5 meters below sea level. No worries, we have everything under control. We are pros at building dikes. Anyway, enough about that. Let’s dive into the role of faith in that little country of mine. 

About a year ago during my final year of high school before I came to be a missionary with NET, I was a part of a youth group put on by a ministry called Pure Witness. This youth group included talks and formation, fellowship and games, and a time at the end for a few Praise & Worship songs. During one of those nights in particular, one of the songs we were singing really struck me. To dive deeper into the prayer, I decided to close my eyes, and when I did that, I experienced this profound feeling of being surrounded by a presence of all the saints in Heaven praising God, meanwhile I myself not being able to see anything. When this was happening, I desperately wanted to see God’s glory, so in my head I said to God, “Lord, I want to see!” But He gently replied, “Not yet.”

If you’re a worship musician, you’ve probably survived many band practices.  Everyone knows band practices are essential, but many people have never been taught how to lead them well.  We’ve got some tips to share with you - some we’ve learned the hard way… 

This year NET Canada is in its 25th year of ministry, which is incredibly exciting! For 25 years NET has been growing, learning, and developing, all the while reaching and inviting countless youth across our beautiful country to love Christ and embrace the life of the church.

I have grown and learned a lot in the time that I’ve spent with NET, spending three of the last seven years as a missionary. So, to celebrate and recognize NET’s 25th year, here are 25 things I have learned in my time with NET:

Have you ever wondered what the practicalities of a NET missionary’s lifestyle entail? As NET Canada is celebrating 25 years of bringing youth to Christ, let's take a look at 25 essentials that make a NET missionary’s life a lot easier (especially for those considering becoming a missionary, or those curious of what the missionary lifestyle looks like)...