NET Canada Sending Team to Kamloops!

NET Canada will be sending a team of missionaries to serve in Kamloops, BC this upcoming 2019-2020 year with the goal of bringing youth to Christ.

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Many youth struggle and even lose their faith by the time they graduate high school. NET sends teams of young adults to share their faith in schools and churches so youth are transformed and re-engaged in their Catholic faith.

We are very pleased to announce that, at the invitation of Bishop Joseph Nguyen, NET will serve the four parishes in Kamloops. Furthermore, we are very excited that we will have a special, consistent presence at St. Ann’s Academy, where many young Catholics will have the opportunity to get to know the team, learn their stories, and benefit from their Catholic witness.

We don’t have any more teams available for 2019-2020, but we’re booking now for the 2020-2021 year! Applications close in December! Contact to find out how to apply!