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What is local ministry?

The local ministry is a customizable method for implementing youth ministry. One of the most difficult things about a youth ministry program in a parish or school is getting it started. We understand this and we want to help. NET has helped jump-start youth ministry programs in over 30 parishes across Canada since 2001. A NET local team provides a parish with a team of 6 - 8 young adults on fire for Christ who are passionate about bringing the love of Jesus to young people and have gone through five weeks of intensive formation and ministry training. A NET team can give the jump start that a healthy and sustainable youth ministry program needs.

"I found NET to be a great catalyst to create a youth ministry momentum in our parish and Diocese." — Archbishop Murray Chatlain

"Some of my fondest memories from adolescence were taking part in retreats with my classmates and youth group friends. The first time NET Ministries came through Medicine Hat when I was 15 opened my eyes to see young adults who were obviously faithful while also incredibly fun. Their way of evangelizing was one that invited me to consider the quality of my relationship with Christ" — Fr. Cristino Bouvette


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