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Rebecca Bodington

Hiiii there! Whether you know me well or have absolutely no idea who I am, I’m writing this to share a little of my background and the extraordinary ways God has revealed Himself to me in this adventure we call life. To quickly introduce myself…Rebecca is my name, born and raised in Ajax, ON, I’m a cradle catholic. Some things about me: I hope to have a BIG garden one day, I love cooking (more like eating yummy food :), and I’m fascinated by eastern medicine practices.

SO the two big questions: why am I here? and why do I need your help?

Going to public school growing up, and being surrounded by others with different beliefs, I came to a point where I desired to know more about my faith; questioning whether what I was raised to believe was true. I had the privilege to complete a degree in catholic studies. Through the knowledge I gained, I came to know God and love Him even more. As the Catechism says, “God put us in the world to know, to love, and to serve Him, and so to come to paradise” (CCC 1721). I wanted now to serve Him through mission, but how? (My earliest encounter with NET was at a grade 8 confirmation retreat at my parish. Little did I know what God had in-store). I served with NET for two years. First, on a traveling retreat team (2018-2019), then, on a discipleship team in the Keewatin-LePas diocese (2019-2020). With my teammates, I traveled across Canada proclaiming the kerygma: God loves us, sin divides us from Him, Jesus saved us, and through Christ God invites us back into relationship. My years could be summed up in one word: wow. I was able to witness miracles in my life, in the lives of my teammates, and in those I met.

God knocked on my door yet again; calling me to another year of personal formation and community. This year, I’m a supervisor for two teams: the Keewatin-LePas diocesan team and the team located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. I’m responsible for training, equipping, and providing ongoing pastoral care and logistical support for these missionaries.

Now, how can YOU help move this mission forward? How are you being called today to build up the kingdom of God? I ask you to prayerfully consider being a co-missionary with me. You too can be a part of this mission: bringing youth to Christ. Many young people lose their faith by the time they leave high school. NET sends teams of young adults to schools and churches so that youth are transformed and re-engaged in their Catholic faith. Your prayers and financial support keep this mission alive and running!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Praying for you and your intentions.

Your sister in Christ,

Rebecca Bodington