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Many young people lose their faith by the time they leave high school. We send teams of young adults to share their faith in schools and churches so youth are transformed and re-engaged in their Catholic faith.

Types of teams

Retreat ministry

Retreat ministry teams focus on broad impact by reaching thousands of young people with a relevant message in your parish or school. Retreat Ministry transforms young people through:

  • Dynamic retreats that come to your school or parish
  • Personal testimony
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Small groups

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Discipleship ministry

Discipleship ministry teams focus on deep impact in parish and school communities by raising up leaders for sustained mission after their stay. Discipleship Ministry transforms young people through:

  • A 2+ year stay in a parish or school community
  • Faith studies
  • Student and young adult leadership training
  • Youth nights and retreats

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Missionary year

A missionary year with NET is not for everyone, but for those who are called it is a life changing experience like no other. NET Missionaries embrace a radical lifestyle, living with just one suitcase, one backpack, and one life-changing message. A NET Missionary year transforms young people through:

  • An intensive 5-week training experience for youth ministry
  • Missionary experiences in community
  • Daily team and personal prayer
  • Team Days and ongoing formation from Team Supervisors

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Host homes

NET’s mission is made possible by the many people who give of their time, their talents, their treasures and their hearts.

We call them co-missionaries, and one very important group of co-missionaries are Host Homes.

NET Missionaries typically stay with host families in the local community. The length of stay could be anywhere from one night to a few weeks. For safety and liability reasons, NET Missionaries always stay in groups of at least two. Host families are asked to provide meals and a place to sleep for their NET Missionaries, and in return, NET missionaries spend quality time with, share their stories with and pray with their host families. Staying with host families is an important part of how NET seeks to re-engage young people in their faith.

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