Are you ready to see young people
transformed and re-engaged in their faith?

Start here.

Engaging youth in their faith is tough.

Are you:

  • Discouraged that many young people lose their faith by the time they leave high school? Struggling to get your kids to go to church?
  • Unsure of how to reach your young people or lack the resources to do so?
  • Struggling to find good Catholic role models for your youth?
  • Disheartened, as a young person, that many of your friends don’t share in your passion for your faith?
  • Concerned about the future of your parish and the Church?

Do you simply not know where to start?

Our dynamic missionaries, trained in youth ministry, are here to help!

  • Youthful missionaries who can easily relate to young people
  • Life-changing retreats for youth
  • Creation or renewal of youth ministry
  • Nation-wide ministry - we come to you!

We know how discouraging it is to watch
our young people walk away from the faith.

With over 25 years of experience working with parishes, dioceses and schools implementing youth ministry and helping them reach their young people, we can help.

  • “I found NET to be a great catalyst to create a youth ministry momentum in our parish and Diocese. The prayerfulness, witness and energy of the young people drew young people and adults. The NET team makes a real effort to call forth the participation and education of adults and youth to continue in leadership roles in the local parish after the NET team has finished it’s time among us”

    - Archbishop Murray Chatlain, Archbishop of Keewatin-La Pas

  • “This retreat made me realize that what I was missing in my life is God! I honestly want to have a closer relationship with Him, and fill what is empty in my life with Him. Thank you!”

    - Grade 11 Student

  • “We want to help others grow closer to Jesus by focusing on personal encounters with Christ and promoting discipleship paths. NET Canada is perfectly positioned to help us do that.”

    - Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CBS, Archbishop of Vancouver

We know that you’re the kind of people who want to see the Church alive and flourishing, and that you want to help make that happen.

The problem is young people are leaving the Church in droves, and faith is becoming less and less relevant to them, which is highly discouraging. We believe that every young person in Canada should have the opportunity to hear about, respond to and to live for Jesus Christ, and that this truth can change their lives forever. We understand, though, that this is hard to do. Many places lack the financial or people resources to run effective youth ministry programs and many people don’t know where to start or how to make a difference. Youth grow, change, and leave and previously successful youth ministry programs suddenly fall flat. This feels like an ever-changing constant battle.

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