Matthew Bentler, Saskatoon, SK


Hello, and welcome to my donation page!

My name is Matthew Bentler, and I am currently 21 years old, residing in the beautiful and sunny Saskatoon, SK.

Some things you should know about me:
-I have served 2 years on NET Canada as a missionary in Summerside, PE, and Calgary, AB
-I have been working as a plumbers apprentice for the last year (?plunge it flush it, look out below!)
-I love the sky (clouds, and stars- oh my!)
-I am super passionate about all things creative- photography, videos, drawing- you name it!
-My brother and I have a YouTube channel where we get to play with LEGO and millions of people seem to like it…
-I strongly like to laugh
-I strongly like music
-And I love Jesus and His Church!

God has blessed me SO MUCH in my first two years of being a NET missionary, which I didn’t initially want to do when I was a teenager, but God has worked a lot on this old heart of mine and I want other people to experience the same love I have the absolute privilege of experiencing daily. I am so very excited to share the joy of the Gospel and the love of Christ with the young people in the Keewatin-Le Pas diocese this coming year.

My team and I are currently stationed in the Pas, MB. We have been living in a community household and doing lots of intercessory prayer, as we await restrictions coming down so we can visit the northern communities. In the meantime, we are aiming to build up leadership in communities via live-streams and online retreats!

LIKE most things, it costs money for gas and necessary things to survive on, so I need your help! But firstly, if you would keep me in your prayers, that would mean the world to me! Prayer is a powerful tool God has equipped us with and I believe that God will work all things for our good in the end. If you are able to, I would love for you to join me as a co-missionary by financially supporting me on this mission. We will be sending out quarterly “update letters” throughout the year to all of our monthly sponsors and anyone who makes a one-time donation of $50 or more.

Thank you for taking the time to swing by, and know that you will be in my prayers! “He must increase, while I must decrease” (Jn 3:30)

God bless you and your families :)

-Matthew “MattyB” Bentler