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Chris Vandenberg, Lucan, ON

Hello! My name is Chris Vandenberg. I am from a little town called Lucan, which is just north of London, Ontario, and I love music, playing sports, and anything outdoors!

My earliest experience of NET was at a really young age when my family hosted a few members of the NET team in our area! At that age, I didn’t fully understand why they were there, but I remember them being super fun and awesome people. In my upper years of elementary school, I attended two NET retreat days and that was when I really got to see what NET was all about, and I loved it! I had so much fun and learned so much about Jesus and my faith. Throughout my high school years, I had always had the idea of joining NET in the back of my mind. In the last couple of years, I have really grown in my faith and my relationship with Jesus and have felt called to join NET more than ever before. I prayed and prayed and here I am!

I am a proud member of the 2023-24 NET Travelling Retreat Team. This year we will be driving from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, running retreats for youth across Canada! In these retreats, we give the youth an opportunity to learn about God’s love and a chance to respond to that love. We do this by leading activities, presentations, small group discussions, and prayer. Every retreat has been so special and I can’t wait to see what future retreats will bring. It is so beautiful to be able to witness firsthand God working in every young person’s own life. Every single day, I wake up and I can’t help but feel so incredibly blessed and lucky to have the chance to do what we do. The year has been unbelievable so far and I am so excited to see what God has waiting for us!

In order to support this calling, I would like to ask you, if you are able, to donate to NET Canada to support me and my fellow missionaries. If you donate $50 or more or choose to donate monthly, you will receive a NET newsletter and updates from us on the road throughout our mission year. Thank you and God bless!