Ellie Germain, Fort McMurray, AB

My name is Ellie Germain. I am originally from Fort McMurray, AB, but I moved to Edmonton two years ago to start my Education and Kinesiology degrees at UofA. So, I hope to be a teacher someday! NET Canada came to Fort McMurray when I was a young teenager, and their ministry started me on the path to becoming the person I am today. Since then, I have always had the dream of doing NET someday to share the gift that NET gave me with other young people! I ultimately decided it was the time to do NET because I was involved in planning and running a weekend retreat with the Catholic Students Association at UofA. During the retreat, we were doing prayer ministry, and the thought just burst into my head how beautiful and truly life-changing putting on this one weekend retreat was and how amazing it would be to spend every day putting on retreats with NET! Although I can not wait to start my year on NET, I can’t get there without help from you! Any support from donations will go a long way in helping me spread the love of the Lord! However, if you donate $50 or more or donate monthly, they will receive a NET newsletter and personal updates from the road throughout the year! And please keep me and NET in your prayers throughout the year!