Mackenzie Danahy, Belleville, ON


My name is Mackenzie Danahy, I’m 18 years old and I come from Belleville, Ontario. Born and raised in this city which is located on the shores of the Bay of Quinte, it is very discreetly known as the birthplace of Hawkin’s Cheezies. The youngest of four siblings, I love writing, spending time outdoors and playing card games. During Grade 12, I felt God calling me to join NET. I applied during the year and after graduating high school, I found myself at Fall training, preparing for the mission.

I am so excited to share that this year I am on the travelling Retreat Team, putting on retreats for youths in schools and parishes across Canada. Together, with my other teammates, we will be travelling across the country challenging young people to respond to God’s love for them and re-engage them in the Catholic Faith. Through our talks, testimonies, games, skits/dramas, and sharing in small groups throughout the day, we will be accompanying youth to get to know Christ and his desire for a personal relationship with each and every one of them. This year, I am looking forward to every aspect of the ministry, but most importantly, being a part of the mission in this way to save souls! I am so excited to get to know the youth, meeting them as they are and going where God inspires. I can’t wait to encounter all of the amazing families who will be hosting us in their homes throughout the year as well. I am so excited to pursue this amazing journey as my team hits the road this year! Please pray for my team and me as we hit the road and my prayers go with you!

I thank you for your support and I invite you to consider financially supporting this mission. Also, every donation of 50$ or more, as well as monthly donations, will receive a NET newsletter and updates from me on the road throughout the year.

Thank you for your encouragement and your own ministry as co-missionaries!

Peace, Mackenzie