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Mickela Curotte, Hammond, ON

Hi! My name is Mickela Curotte. I am 18 years old and live in Hammond Ontario, a “petit” French-speaking village east of Ottawa. I am the oldest of 6 kids and love spending time in nature, road-tripping, exploring new places, music, journaling, and coffee! Something I hold close to my heart is worship and prayer with friends (especially our worship concerts in the car) along with my youth group (a.k.a my second family).
In the last year, God changed my life in so many ways! When I tell you that He transformed me and made a whole new being, it’s like comparing my old life to a potato and this new one to an orange; not the same! My thirst for God continues to grow unceasingly, and I want more and more and more! So, I asked Him: What’s the next step? After discerning and receiving several confirmations, it was clear that my call was to go on a mission with NET, regardless of how little I knew them. I heard a few stories about their ministry here and there, BUT NOW, I’m about to write my own as I embark on this journey with them! I know that God has already mapped out the course of this new adventure; I can’t wait to see what he has planned!
This year, I’m on the 2023-2024 NET Retreat Team! My teammates and I are travelling Canada, coast to coast, putting on retreats for youth. During a retreat day, we build trust with the youth, play games with them and talk to them about the ultimate relationship that God desires to have with us! We even get a chance to pray with them. It’s hard to believe that I get to do this! Seeing God work and His love for his children daily is such an honour. I’m excited to see the wonders God has planned for us and the youth of our country.
However, I do need your help. A way you can support this life-changing mission and help me build an even firmer relationship with God and share Him with others is by donating! If you donate $50 or more or donate monthly, you will receive a NET newsletter and personal updates from the road throughout the year! Your financial support and/or prayers would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and God bless! 🙂