• How is NET supported?

    See how people generously support us!

    The approximate breakdown of NET’s annual support is as follows:

    l /3 from Team Partnership,

    l /3 from Retreat and Discipleship Ministry Fees,

    l /3 from Annual Fundraising efforts.

    *The Team Partnership revenue is support raised by missionaries from their family, friends, parish & local communities. It is applied toward the cost of training, insurance, and a small monthly stipend. For more information, please contact the Partnership Coordinator.

  • If I can't afford the flight costs, can I ask others to help?

    Yes, but the money must be given to you personally; do not send this money to NET. It does not count towards your fundraising goal and it cannot be tax receipted (see below). Please inform anyone giving you money for flights of this.

  • Can donations for flights be tax receipted?

    No. Tax receipts cannot be issued for flights.

  • If I exceed my fundraising goal, can I use the excess towards flight reimbursement?

    No, you cannot. There are two reasons why this is the case.

    Firstly, honouring the intentions of the person donating the money is important. If the money was given in support of the mission of NET, then it’s important to honour that, even if you have met your goal already.

    The amount you fundraise is not earmarked for you or your team’s expenses for the year specifically; this would otherwise favour individuals who have more time to fundraise or come from larger communities. It’s important to communicate to your donors that they are giving to NET’s mission and you are helping to take on a portion (total partnership is about one-third) of what it costs to keep NET running. Therefore, be careful of using language like “support me” or “I’m fundraising for my year on NET” since the money goes into a general pool of funds to support all of NET. Instead, say “support this mission” or “I’m becoming a missionary with NET and am fundraising for the ministry.” It’s a subtle but important difference.

    Secondly, NET fundraises two-thirds of the cost to keep the ministry running through retreat/parish fees and additional development efforts. When you exceed your goal, you are helping the Gospel message reach more youth in Canada.

    If you are concerned about your ability to pay for flights, please see “What if I can’t afford to fly home for Christmas?”

  • Can people donate to support me through NET Ireland, Australia, or USA's websites?

    No, donations made through any other NET organization will not count towards the fundraising goal of a NET Canada missionary. Donations in support of a NET Canada missionary must be mailed directly to NET, given over the phone, or submitted via NET Canada’s website.  Send in your partnership funds through your page on the website, and record the donor information.  This way, the funds go straight to NET Canada, and we have their contact information in our database so we can send them your partnership letters.

  • What exchange rate does NET use?

    We do not influence the exchange rate, so the amount you raise depends on the currency exchange rate in the months the donations are received at the NET office.

  • Are donations tax receipted?

    Donations of $20 or more from Canadian supporters sent to the NET Canada office will receive a tax receipt. This includes online donations.

  • What if I don't fundraise my full amount before training?

    While you must have raised the minimum partnership amount before training, you are not required to be entirely at your goal (though it is very highly recommended). If you haven’t completely met your goal, you will be expected to continue to fundraise until you have, at the direction of the partnership coordinator. On this note, it’s essential to understand a few things:

    1. This mission is God’s, not ours, so we fully believe He will provide for His mission.
    2. That does not mean, however, that we can use that as an excuse not to do the necessary work. We are His hands and feet, and just as He wants to use you to minister to youth this year on His behalf, He also wants to use you to make this mission possible by inviting people to become your co-missionaries this year through financial support. Time to fundraise is limited once you come to NET. The time to meet your goal is before training!
    3. If you work hard with the partnership coordinator to develop a plan, there is no reason for you not to meet your partnership goal by the time training starts (with the rare exception of those accepted a short time before training begins)! Time and again, we have seen missionaries unsure whether they’d be able to raise the total amount to take steps out in faith and be amazed by the generosity of both God and those around them!


    Note: The partnership coordinator will communicate expectations to you and work with you to set goals for your progress; however, please note that you must have met the minimum partnership amount of $5,500 before coming to training. If you are an international or are coming to music training, this amount is $6,500. If you are worried about meeting these minimum amounts, please communicate with the partnership coordinator well before you arrive at training. Our missionaries meeting their partnership goals is an essential piece of what makes the mission possible, and this policy is one we take seriously!

    Note for Music Training: If you have been invited to musicians training but are not on track to reach the minimum of $6,500 by May or June, please call the partnership coordinator at the office ASAP since it may impact your involvement. You must do this before booking flights.

NET Year

  • How do teams travel?

    Teams are assigned NET vehicle(s) based on the team’s needs. There may be other methods of transportation used to get missionaries to, from, and around ministry locations.

    For more information on driving while on NET please see Driving on NET.

  • Can I choose what team I want to be on?

    NET will listen to the desires of a missionary, but the final decision rests on the discernment and prayers of the staff. Much of the placement depends on the personality and skills that best suit a particular team, but the staff seeks to discern where God is calling each person to serve. We ask each person to be open to where God is calling.

  • Time off while on NET

    Your only time to leave NET during the year (training included) is two weeks at Christmas. However, missionaries can receive permission to attend a sibling’s wedding, a special anniversary of a parent, a funeral of a direct family member, or if you are a best man or maid of honour at a family wedding. Travel expenses are the missionary’s responsibility, and they must first seek approval from their supervisor. If you would like to request to be released for an event not listed here, please contact the Program Director.

  • Bringing Instruments on the road

    NET cannot provide insurance coverage for your instrument while serving with us. If you have not done so already, consider the possibility of having your instrument covered under your parent’s homeowner’s insurance. Because of the wear and tear it may receive on a year with NET, you might consider leaving instruments of great value or expense at home. Also, we recommend plastic or hard cases for your instruments as they will provide greater protection through transportation and handling on the road. If you have any further questions, please email


  • Can I bring my cellphone, tablet, and/or laptop on NET?

    Yes, although you will be expected to limit your use of technology, streaming, and social media platforms to promote a radical ministry of presence. NET will not assume responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged items. Please refer to NET’s Technology Policy in our Missionary Policies for details. 

    Teams will carry a business cell phone for ministry purposes.

  • Can I use social media on NET?

    While we encourage fasting from social media on your NET year, you are welcome to keep your account active. All missionaries’ social media content while serving on NET should reflect Christ’s life and the teachings of the Catholic Church. For further details regarding the personal and public usage of social media while on NET, please refer to NET’s Technology Policy in our Missionary Policies

    Some people choose to fast from social media and have reported it being a huge blessing of their year. If you decide to keep your accounts active, we do ask you to take advantage of the opportunity to share the work of evangelization you are doing regularly with family, friends, and anybody else who has supported you.


  • How can someone contact me in case of an emergency?

    Each missionary is responsible for sending and receiving personal communication. However, in an emergency during the mission year when access to technology for missionaries is more limited (i.e. NET Training), the NET office can be contacted (613-841-4141). We will do our best to inform you of the emergency.

  • How can I receive mail while on NET?

    Some missionaries might not be in a stationary location depending on their ministry. The easiest way to send mail is to contact a missionary directly for the best location to send it to. NET is not responsible for forwarding any mail received to a missionary.