Mission Year


Your time with NET will begin with several weeks of intensive spiritual, evangelistic, and human formation. Once put in teams and finished training, you will be sent to the locations where you will be doing ministry.

You will be placed on a discipleship or retreat team. Want to know more?

Types of Teams


Before the Christmas break, teams will participate in December Retreat. Missionaries will return after the Christmas break for more formation and training at the start of January. At the end of the year, all the teams will return to Ottawa to celebrate what God has done, end the mission year well, and prepare for what God has in store next…




How does NET Work?

How is NET Governed?



NET Canada is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors and under the ecclesial vigilance of the Archbishop of Ottawa. An independent accounting firm audits NET yearly.

Retreat Teams

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Young people are easily overwhelmed by the shallow cares of this world. A NET Retreat led by a team of Catholic role models will show them how a relationship with Christ adds more profound meaning and peace to their lives. All NET Teams facilitate NET Retreats, but some teams are dedicated to this ministry all year round. NET’s Retreat Teams facilitate hundreds of retreats, reaching thousands of young people annually with an opportunity to hear Jesus Christ proclaimed and respond to Him.

NET Retreats

Discipleship Teams

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Many youth have a life-changing experience on retreat. However, following retreats, they need someone to guide them regularly to keep their faith strong, take their relationship with Christ deeper, and learn how to become evangelizers themselves. NET Discipleship Teams (5-7 members) go into communities for eight months, for two or more years, to get involved in the regular life of the Catholic community to walk with young people into their calling.

Discipleship Ministry

What is a Typical NET Retreat like?


NET Retreats create an environment for a young person to encounter Christ. We have seen that retreatants’ lives can change dramatically in just one day. Four key strategies make this possible:

Simple & Engaging Proclamation

The gospel is proclaimed clearly on every retreat through talks, videos, and personal testimony

Relational Ministry

Young people meet Christ in the joy and witness of our missionaries during activities and small groups

Personal Invitation

Retreatants are personally invited into a time of prayer and a commitment to Christ

Collaboration with Local Ministry

Youth are made aware of local ministries/parishes and invited to them

What do Discipleship Teams Do?

Relationship Building

Faith Studies

School Ministry

Youth Events & Retreats