Welcome to your NET Year!

Here’s all the information you’ll have to know before coming to Ottawa (hopefully)!

Travel Information

  • Important Dates

    View the NET Year Calendar here.

    You will need to arrange a travel plan for the following dates:

    • Arrive for Fall Training on August 28, 2023, before 3 pm EST in Ottawa, ON.
    • Depart for Christmas break on December 21, 2023, after 12 pm (noon) EST from Ottawa, ON.
    • Return for January Training on January 4, 2024, before 3 pm to Ottawa, ON.
    • Depart from Ottawa on or after 5 PM on June 1, 2024.

    *If booking flights, please wait until you have confirmed with the Partnership Coordinator that you are on track toward your partnership minimum. Talk to the partnership coordinator for more information.

  • Arrival Day and Time

    Please arrive on August 28, 2023, before 3 pm EST. Once your travel plans are confirmed, please relay your arrival information to the NET office. We will provide transportation for you from the airport, train or bus station.

    If you have a conflict with these times, only finalize your travel plans after checking with us.

  • Airport Pick-Ups

    Upon arrival, you will meet a NET representative in baggage claim wearing a NET shirt, and they will inform you of what to do next. If a NET representative is absent, please remain at this location until they return. In the unlikely event that you wait at this location for more than an hour, please call the NET office, at (613) 841-4141. If you find out that your arrival time or flight number is changed or your flight is cancelled, please contact the NET office immediately.

  • Arriving by Bus or Train

    Contact us with your arrival time, and we will have a NET staff member pick you up.

  • Arriving by Car

    Let us know approximately when you will arrive. If arriving by car, you can visit the Ottawa NET office to get shuttled to the training site or go directly there. If the vehicle you will come in is your own, please be sure to have someone accompany you who can return the car home. We are not able to store vehicles for the year.

  • International Missionaries

    If you are an international missionary, please communicate directly with the Recruiting Department for instructions on your immigration process and to ask any questions you have about your arrival and/or stay in Canada at recruit@netcanada.ca.

Important Things to Know

  • Monthly Stipend

    All missionaries will receive a monthly stipend of $125 to help offset personal costs during the year. It will be deposited into your bank account on the 1st of the month (or the Friday before if the 1st falls on a weekend). This information will be collected from you in the Missionary Information form (see Getting Started page). Contact admin@netcanada.ca with any specific questions about this.

    Missionaries without a Canadian bank account will have their stipend deposited to a designated member of their team, who will then withdraw it as cash for them.

  • Health Insurance

    NET is not held responsible for unpaid bills typically covered by insurance. If you have special health considerations like asthma or diabetes, you must make special arrangements since NET’s insurance company won’t cover these pre-existing conditions.

    All Canadian missionaries are asked to remain on their provincial/parent’s health care plan while with NET. You are responsible for ensuring that your provincial health card is up to date before arriving at training.

    Each missionary is responsible for knowing about and covering health care expenses not covered by their province of residence or private health care plans. We recommend you inform yourself of any exclusions of your health care plan(s) on your provincial or private health care website(s). Anything not covered by a missionary’s provincial health care, in or out of their province of residence, is their responsibility (e.g. ambulance charges). There are medical expenses, even in the event of an emergency, that may not be covered in some provinces if it is not a missionary’s province of residence.

    For international missionaries, NET provides medical emergency travel insurance. You will be provided with an information package, enrollment form and instructions for submitting a claim. In the event of a medical expense, international missionaries will be responsible for payment and submitting the forms for reimbursement within 30 days of the expense. Please contact finance@netcanada.ca if you have any questions.

  • Driving on NET

    If you have a valid driver’s license in your home province/country and would like to be considered as a driver, please submit a copy of your license along with a driver’s abstract (3-5 year record if applicable) to admin@netcanada.ca as soon as possible. You must provide a driver’s abstract to be considered as a driver.

    Non-Canadian/US missionaries with a valid driver’s license must obtain an international one. This can only be done in your country of residence. Please ensure you have received it before arriving in Canada.

  • Technology While on NET

    As our technological world evolves, we must keep our eyes fixed on heavenly things. We at NET see the great asset technology can be to bring Christ to people and assist us in our mission. However, we have also seen technology distract  our missionaries. As NET missionaries, you will live out a radical ministry of presence to all those around you, and it will be one of the main ways you grow in holiness and witness the love of Christ.

    For NET’s official technology policy, see the Commitment of Understanding.

What to Bring

Attire Guidelines

Dress Code for Men

Dress Code for Women


There is frequent travel and limited storage space for luggage on NET. Packing well will have compound benefits during your mission year, improving your ability to be easily mobile.

Suitcase Guidelines:

  • Maximum weight of 23kg (50lbs)
  • Each missionary is allowed a suitcase, backpack, and pillow
  • Each missionary is required to bring a sleeping bag
  • Everything you carry except your sleeping bag and pillow must fit in your suitcase and backpack

We have created a Packing Checklist detailing the items necessary for your time with NET. We have minimized the list to what you need. Only consider the items optional if it is listed as such. Use the checklist as you pack to ensure that you have everything.

*All missionaries should arrive at NET Training with everything they need for their mission year.


Want to stock up with some NET merch for your time on mission?

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NET will provide a storage cubby (18 by 22.8 by 15.5  inches) for items missionaries would prefer to keep at the NET office rather than travel with (e.g., winter clothes, etc.). Please pack items in a container or bag that can be easily stored.