Thank you for helping to bring youth to Christ through being a contact person for NET Canada! This page is in the early building stages – helpful resources will continue to be added, so please continue to revisit this page in the coming months.



NET Retreat Information Package


the Information Package is helpful in answering all initial questions when looking to book a retreat.

Retreat Contact Person (RCP) Manual


the RCP Manual is for those booking a retreat(s) for their Parish or School, ie a Retreat Contact Person.

Diocesan Contact Person (DCP) Manual


the DCP Manual is for those overseeing the visit of a NET Retreat Team to a Diocese and coordinating multiple Retreat Contact People, ie a Diocesan Contact Person.

Coming Soon:

– Sample Promotional Bulletin/Newsletter message for a NET Retreat and Host Families

– Host Home Information Package

– Host Home Information Form

– Sample Parent Info and Permission letter for Schools