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This blog is part of the Alumni Week 2021 Collection! Written by Jesse (NET Alumnus 2006-12) & Kathleen LeBlanc. 

We get it. Making time for personal prayer can be hard enough; how can we find time to pray with our spouse!? But, since marriage is our vocation to holiness, we cannot underestimate the importance of rooting your relationship in Christ’s love through praying together, seeking His guidance for your family together, and soaking up the graces you need to have a fruitful and holy marriage. Here are a few tips we’ve found helpful in our own prayer life as a married couple:

#1. Be intentional about your own personal prayer time, and ask your spouse to help you make it happen! What you bring to your prayer together flows from your own relationship with Jesus. Amidst busy schedules, taking care of children, or just spending time together, we know that setting aside time on your own can fall to the wayside. Ask your spouse to help you protect your personal prayer time by choosing a time that you each have alone to pray, helping each other to remember to keep it, and taking care of the kids or other household duties while your spouse slips away to spend time with Jesus.

#2. When it comes to praying together, choose a time that you would naturally be together anyways so that it easily becomes part of your routine. This could be before or after meals, before bedtime, or deciding to wake up at the same time to pray.

#3. Adopt a form of prayer that both of you enjoy. Everyone has a different spirituality, and certain types of prayer come easier to different people. Find something that both of you are comfortable with. This could be a daily rosary, Lectio Divina (praying with scripture), a morning and evening offering, singing worship music together, going to adoration in person or even live-stream, novenas to various saints, or simply spontaneous prayer… the list goes on!

#4. Ask each other, “how can I pray for you?” Bring these intentions for your spouse to your prayer time together. Not only does this allow you to know what’s on their heart, but it is such a gift to hear your spouse intercede for you!

#5. If praying as a couple is a new practice you’re trying to adopt, don’t be afraid to start small! Praying a simple “Hail Mary” together when you say goodbye before leaving for work is a beautiful act of prayer together. Or say an act of contrition together before you fall asleep. Or read the Gospel before supper time, and share what stands out to you. These little touch points with the Lord, and with each other, are simple, yet powerful!

Building a regular habit of prayer together, no matter how small, is a powerful commitment to inviting the Lord deeper and deeper into the heart of your relationship.

Jesse and Kathleen LeBlanc have been happily married for five years, now living in Brantford, Ontario with their two children. Jesse is a NET Alumnus, having served with NET in various capacities through 2006-2012. Kathleen is currently a “stay-at-home-mom”, after serving in pro-life and youth ministry for many years. Together, they form a band called “Found Together.”


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