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Bartimaeus was a poor blind man. Living in pure poverty, waiting patiently for a Saviour to enter his life and redeem him. All he had to his name was his cloak, his cloak that day after day, he wore and begged for money from strangers.

Amidst the roaring crowds and busy Jericho streets, Bartimaeus desperately called out to Jesus. Despite being told to give up by those around him, he acted out of pure faith, believing that the Saviour of the world would hear him. Bartimeus called out for mercy, how loud he must have shouted, how exhausted he must have been. Nevertheless, Jesus heard him. Jesus assured him, “Go your way, your faith has saved you,” (Mark 10:50).

Are you desperate for His healing? Are you willing to leave your cloak, your comfort zone, to be fully reconciled by the Divine Physician’s healing power? In the depths of our hearts, we can believe that healing is up to us. Healing on my schedule, at my pace, and I will hand over to God the things I am comfortable with. However, we cannot expect true healing if we do not entrust each and every wound to Jesus Christ.

We must try our best to imitate Bartimaeus, to emulate his abandonment and desperate need for a Saviour. Bartimaeus held nothing back when he kneeled in front of the Lord and asked for healing. Our relationship with Jesus is personal, it is intimate, and he recognizes every desire of our heart. No matter how loud and overwhelming our environment is, no matter the discouragement from others, Jesus sees you. He hears you. He is asking you to surrender your cloak, to get up and in faith, and call out to Him to redeem you. He desires to heal you, similar to when He healed Bartimaeus from his blindness, Jesus longs to fulfil your deepest desires.

This is your invitation to hold nothing back, call out for His Mercy and without fail, He will answer with most certainty, “Go your way, your faith has saved you,” (Mark 10:50).

Written by Gabby Douglas, Vancouver Team

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