Online evangelization bears fruit for NET Ministries

“National Evangelization Teams (NET) missionaries are not barnstorming across the country to make face-to-face presentations as in years past. But in a COVID-19 world, the mission to inspire young Catholics to embrace Christ and the Church remains the same, even though it is now carried out with a virtual twist.

“It is a common misconception to think that online ministry is not impactful. This simply isn’t true. The Lord can work through a screen too,” said Noah Runstedler, a second-year missionary with NET.

Although the bulk of NET Ministry’s evangelization since 1995 has consisted of delivering 5,000 in-person retreats, it has re-modeled its traditional set-up and grown to encompass an online ministry, feeding a youthful and virtual crowd.

Pierre O’Reilly, who had only been executive director of NET for five months before the pandemic hit, says that though the in-person option is preferable, the online alternative is solid. “Online ministry has been a big surprise. An online presence means we can increase resources and accessibility for youth in churches and schools across Canada,” said O’Reilly, originally from Regina…”

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(Angelica Vecchiato, Youth Speak News)

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