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“Bibles and Burgers!”

Hi friends!!


Spring is just around the corner now – the skies are turning blue and the snow has begun to melt. There was even a day a few weeks ago when Lethbridge was as warm as twenty degrees! We’ve been so grateful for the lovely weather.


This month has been packed with blessings – the Easter season being one. There’s this tradition the community in Lethbridge has and likes to call ‘Resurrection Burgers’. Right after the Saturday Vigil Mass, over fifty youth, parents and young people pile into the local MacDonald’s and celebrate over burgers. We had such a great time there!


Some other fun things we’ve been doing with our ministry this month include having celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with our Senior Youth Group with pizza and mint milkshakes, attending a few school musicals – Aladdin and the Wizard of Oz – which were such a treat – and organizing three of what are called ‘Gospel Events’ at the Junior High, which is where we share the Gospel of the day along with a reflection and song to help the youth better understand the message.


Speaking of Junior High, just two weeks ago we were running a religion class and talking about the Bible, its importance and how to read it. In one of our small groups, there was a boy who said he likely wouldn’t read the Bible since he didn’t have one at his house. One of our team members pulled him aside after class and asked if he wanted his own Bible to which he replied “Sure!” There was another girl who overheard and asked if she could have one too. The team member then asked the rest of the group if anyone else wanted a Bible and seven of them put their hands up.


The next week, we brought a whole box of Bibles to the class to distribute to those who wanted one. More and more students began asking for Bibles – so many we ran out by the end of class! The boy I mentioned earlier started reading his right away. Even when the class started playing a game, he stayed at his desk reading it. When he was asked if he wanted to join, he said “No thanks, I’m going to read my Bible”. One of our team members got to sit with him and underline some verses to read. He told her he hadn’t read the Bible since the third grade. He was so happy and was smiling at her the entire time. 


We pray this Easter season is filled with peace and many blessings for you and your family. We also invite you to open your Bible and read the Good News of God’s love for you!


Love and prayers!

The Lethbridge Team

Anna, Bernadette, Carson, Elly, Francis and Maya

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