“The Rock on Which We Stand”

Hey there from Alberta!


We’ve been here in Lethbridge for two months now and what a joy it’s been! We’ve put on 16 youth nights, around 16 small groups and we’ve visited 90 classes so far. It’s brought us so much encouragement and assurance to see the smiling faces of students who remember our names and look forward to the activities that day. We’ve received many waves and high fives in the school hallways. There was one time in particular when we arrived at a junior high school to spend lunch with the students and a group of youth invited us over right away to sit with them. These little parts of our ministry bring so much light and hopefulness to our hearts!


This month has been a very vibrant and fruitful one. In classrooms, we’ve been running some programs through which the students can get to know who Jesus is and are invited to discover a relationship with Him. Additionally, we’ve had the opportunity to share our testimonies of how Jesus has touched our own lives. All of these things have brought about some great conversations. We’ve also taken part in school basketball games, fundraisers, hockey field trips, early school breakfasts and attended Christmas concerts, school masses, clubs and a school board meeting to discuss youth ministry in Lethbridge.

Apart from school activities, we’ve also been participating in the choir at Sunday masses, the local soup kitchen, Adoration nights with praise and worship along with Christmas socials and confirmation preparation classes with junior high students. One of the highlights this month was when we went rock climbing with some youth from the local church, as well as the parish priest. It’s a lot harder than they made it look!


There was one girl in the last week who seemed especially moved by the idea that God loved her. There was one day I got to talk with her and she expressed that it felt comforting knowing that He was always with her when hard things and struggles come up. I later asked her if she wanted to put Christ at the center of her life. She took a few moments to think about it & sincerely made a decision. She looked up after a time & said yes. When we said a prayer together, she was so engaged and emotional. I asked her how she was feeling knowing that she had just invited God to be at the center of her life and that He was overjoyed that she had. She said, “I feel overwhelmed, crazy and so happy all at once.”


We’ve been incredibly blessed by the community of Lethbridge and we’re so grateful for all that God has done and continues to do. We keep you always in our prayers!


God bless!

The Lethbridge Team

Anna, Bernadette, Carson, Elly, Francis and Maya

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