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When God Inspires, We Must Follow 

Dear friends and family, 

Happy Easter! Here we are with another update from the road. So much has happened in the last month, and we’re excited to share our beautiful mission moments with you. We’ve travelled to the beautiful Alberta province since we departed from Dawson Creek in British Columbia! We’ve visited Drayton Valley, St-Paul, and Sherwood Park and had the excellent opportunity to have a two-week stay in Grande Prairie! We also drove through Wetaskiwin and Red Deer, and now we’re running retreats in Ponoka. In March, we’ve encountered more than 700 youth across Alberta. God has been merciful and done much for us and the young people we’ve met. 

We’d love to share a moment where we’ve witnessed God’s tangible and powerful presence and calling to listen to the Holy Spirit within our ministry! During the praise and worship event at one of the schools we’ve worked in, Amanda felt the Holy Spirit calling her to go and pray with a youth she had meant earlier that week. “I was terrified. This girl had so strongly told me that she was agnostic. There was no way I was going to change her mind. But when the Lord calls, we answer!” After the praise and worship finished, Amanda approached her and asked if she would be open to praying with her, and the girl said yes! “I just stood there for the longest time because I didn’t prepare myself for the possibility of her saying ‘yes.’ I ran to Mickela and said, “Mickela, you’re coming with me. We’re praying with this girl”. And so the two of us prayed with her for what felt like 20-30 minutes. At the end, she told me that she had never experienced that before. I asked what she meant, and she said she felt her heart clenching and loosening. She told me that she didn’t think I realized the impact I had on her life and that she would remember the moment we prayed with her for the rest of her life.” 

Going where God inspires and trusting His will is a big part of our ministry. This year, we’ve learned to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, to trust in God’s will, and to just follow! Did you know that you can be a tool for the Lord’s honour and glory? The Holy Spirit is working within you; can you recognize it? You can do so by learning to be more aware of God’s presence, deepening your relationship with Christ, and making yourself more effective. God is ready to reveal himself to you, to use you as a vessel, as a temple. Will you recognize his invitation to do so? Know that you, dearest reader, are in our prayers! We can’t wait to share the many more ways the Lord will work and reveal himself to the youth’s hearts within these next few weeks of ministry. 

God bless, 

Mariah, Thomas, Mickela, Mackenzie, Amanda, Aoife and Chris

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