Emma O’Reilly


My name is Emma O’Reilly, and I am originally from Regina, SK but moved to Ottawa in 2019! I am a sucker for spontaneous adventures and I am known to quote my favourite show, The Office, daily:)

Unlike most of the missionaries working for NET mission staff this year, I have never actually been a missionary on the road with NET! After high school, I spent a year working and discerning where the Lord wanted to take me and through some encouragement from my mom, I found myself applying for NET mission staff! I have spent this last year on mission staff with NET as a media assistant and let me tell you, this has been the most joy-filled year of my life! I am super excited to say that I have given another YES in continuing my position as a media assistant for the 2022-2023 mission year! I am super excited to continue serving the Lord in such a beautiful and unique way and using what seems like such a worldly thing (media) into something for the greater glory of God! I cannot wait to continue on this adventure with the Lord!

Some people give by going, others go by giving. For more than 25 years, NET has been able to share the Gospel Message to youth all over Canada, what a beautiful gift! I would love for you to be a part of this ministry by being a co-missionary, in supporting the mission financially, to go by giving! For my mission to fully be possible, I need to raise $8,000! As a little treat for your generosity, if you donate $50 or more, or support me monthly, you will receive letters from me throughout the year as well as NET’s quarterly newsletter!

Just as your financial support is important, so is your spiritual support. I ask you to keep myself as well as all of NET in your prayers as we all embark on this incredible journey with Christ! Know that you are also in my prayers!

Thank you so much for your gift to God’s mission, and for allowing me the opportunity to serve the Lord in such a special way!

God Bless,