Jacob Kilpatrick

Hey! My name is Jacob Kilpatrick. I am 23 years old and was born in Kingston, Ontario. I love playing board games, playing sports, and the outdoors.

This coming year, I will be joining NET as a supervisor! I have just completed a year on the road as a missionary. Serving the Church and Christ this year on NET has been an incredible experience and a wonderful adventure. I have been so close to God who has been changing the lives of all around me, including myself.

The Lord is making big changes for the world and for every person. I have fallen in love with the mission of the Church and NET, there are a lot of Catholic organizations out there that challenge young people to embrace the life of Christ and the Church, but NET is special, with its simplicity and humility it works on the microscopic level, meeting with youth on an individual level. NET seeks out those who are lost and confused. Much like Christ calling the one sheep that gets lost so too do we on NET act as his voice. I want to inspire others to do so as well, I have felt a call to lead a group of young people into the deep, to equip them, and to encourage them as they lead others back to the heart of Christ.

While I was on the road, I grew in my leadership skill as a team leader and it gives me an opportunity to use the gifts God has given me to challenge young men to pick up their cross and lead others to Christ. The time I have spent with NET has formed me into a faith-filled man and I am so excited to join the battle by supporting the missionaries on the road this year and also to be formed more myself as a beloved son of Christ.

In my new position on Mission staff, although I will not be directly on the road, I am still asked to fundraise a total of $8,500 for the mission! I would like to ask for your support this year either through financial or prayerful support! If you donate $50 or more or support me monthly, you will receive letters from me throughout the year as well as NET’s quarterly newsletter!

Thank you for your prayerful and financial support! If you cannot give financially, prayers are always needed. God is so good! I will pray that the Lord blesses you with nothing less than miracles!!

God Bless

Jacob Kilpatrick