Teresa Mervar

Hello & thank you for visiting my page!

I am delighted that God is calling me to serve Him through working with NET part-time! It is such an honor working for an organization that reaches thousands upon thousands of young people with the Gospel!

My first two years on the road were incredible. I got to witness so many hearts change every day as my teams and I lead young people into an encounter with Christ! It has been an amazing experience working behind the scenes here at our headquarters in Ottawa, working alongside beautiful Catholics who work towards making this mission a possibility!

I personally invite you to continue making this mission a possibility with your financial and spiritual support! Please consider being a co-missionary with NET, in this journey of evangelizing the youth of Canada. At NET Canada, we dream that every Catholic youth in Canada has an opportunity to hear about, respond to, and live for Jesus Christ. Your support is VITAL in making this a reality! Your generosity truly goes a long way, and I have seen it first-hand! If you have supported NET in the past, I cannot express how grateful I am of your continual support. Thank you for being part of the mission with us. ❤

You are always in my prayers!

God bless,