Retreat Ministry

What is Retreat Ministry?

We provide the opportunity for schools and parishes across Canada to have a fully packaged retreat run by one of our retreat teams. The team arrives at the designated retreat site and runs the event from start to finish. Each team is fully trained and equipped to put on retreats for students, Grades 6 and up.

Since 1995, NET Canada has facilitated over 5000 retreats in more than 40 different dioceses. Through this extensive experience, we have been able to adapt our message to address the most pressing needs of youth today. Because of the various issues in our current youth culture, we have created different retreat themes. These themes, though varied, all have at the heart the message of God’s unending love, and how He has come to fulfill their needs through the Church.

Over the course of 10 months, one Retreat Team will:
  • Serve in roughly 17 different diocese
  • Travel over 20,000 KM
  • Facilitate approximately 125 retreats
  • Share the Gospel with over 8,700 youth

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