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It’s easy to feel lost…


We all want to live a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Where do we look to give us meaning? Will we ever truly be happy?

. . .



What if there was an answer to these questions?

A chance to ask questions and talk about the important things

Hear personal stories from other young people

An opportunity to encounter the living God through prayer

Why a NET Retreat?

A NET retreat is a time to look at what really matters in life. We can tend to get caught up in the day-to-day of life, without ever stopping to think about the bigger questions. Why am I here? What will make me truly satisfied in life? Am I living the way I want to?

A NET retreat is an opportunity to come face-to-face with these questions. On your retreat, you’ll hear how a relationship with God answers our longing for meaning, and hear from other young adults whose lives have been transformed through a relationship with Him. You’ll get to discuss things in a small-group setting, and have a lot of fun with the NET team through games and skits!

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter God through a guided time of prayer.

  • “[My small group leader] is one of the best people I’ve ever met. She’s so nice and so positive about everything. Thank you so much for helping me believe in God and be a better person. Thank you!”

    - NET Retreat Participant

  • “This retreat made me realize that what I was missing in my life is God! I honestly want to have a closer relationship with Him, and fill what is empty in my life with Him. Thank you!”

    - Grade 11 Student

  • “Today I felt really connected to God, especially during the prayer time. I felt like He was in the room with us and I was embracing His love.”

    - Female, Grade 9

  • “Believing is one thing, but knowing and seeing is another. I believe that the NET team showed me the best possible description of Christ and Christianity. The faith everyone on the team has is amazing to see and it has inspired me to believe in God more.”

    - Female, Grade 8


There isn’t really anything to lose…

…and potentially everything to gain






We can’t wait to see you!