Rebecca Bodington, Ajax, ON


Hi! The name's Rebecca Bodington. I'm 21 (soon to be 22) years old. Living in the prospering town of Ajax, ON. Last year I graduated from an incredible degree program at Seat of Wisdom College.

I had the privilege of being a NET missionary this past year (shout out to my Team 1!). The year flew by! I travelled to beautiful (and very cold) places in Canada, met incredible people along the way, and witnessed miracles. This year, I'm back at it again! Called to bring youth to Christ!

From my year serving with NET, I've gained such an appreciation for those who support NET in small and big ways. If joining this NET mission financially is something you've prayerfully considered and intend to do, I want to thank you in advance. If you decide to give $40 or more, or donate monthly, you will receive NET's newsletter and personal letters throughout the year updating you about the mission.

Praying for you and your special intentions. Peace in Christ.