Emma O'Reilly - Media Assistant


Hello! My name is Emma O’Reilly, and I am from Ottawa, ON. I just recently moved to Ottawa from Regina, SK, and have fallen in love with this city! When there isn’t a pandemic going on, I love being adventurous and spontaneous. I love mini golfing, bowling, music, hanging out with friends and learning new hobbies, the newest hobby being embroidery!

Unlike most of the missionaries working for NET mission staff this year, I did not go on NET! I just recently graduated high school in 2020 and have spent this past year working and discerning where the Lord wants me. It just so happens that my dad is the executive director for NET Canada, so I have had the opportunity to still be a part of the NET family and see the incredible things the Lord is working through this amazing ministry. When discerning this past year where the Lord wants me, the thought of joining NET mission staff had not even crossed my mind, but through His grace, He opened this door through my mom’s encouragement to apply and now here I am. I will be serving this coming year with NET as a media assistant, and I couldn’t be more excited! I have always had a heart for evangelization and am so excited to bring the love of our Lord to others through this position!

Through God’s grace, NET has been able to touch thousands of lives of youth all over the country, what a beautiful gift! I would love for you to be a part of this ministry by being a part of my support team! For my mission to fully be possible, I need to raise $8,000! It may sound like a hefty number, but through your generosity, it can happen! As a little treat for your generosity, if you donate $50 or more, or support me monthly, you will receive letters from me throughout the year as well as NET’s quarterly newsletter!

Just as your financial support is important, so is your spiritual support. I ask you to keep myself as well as all of NET in your prayers as we all embark on this incredible journey that the Lord has allowed to happen! Know that you are also in my prayers!

Thank you so much for your gift to God’s mission, and for allowing me the opportunity to serve the Lord in such a special way!

God Bless,