Faith Alcantara - Mississauga, ON


Hi! My name is Faith (yes, like the virtue) and I am currently living in Mississauga, Ontario but I was born and raised in Toronto! I am currently 17 years old and finishing up my last semester of high school. I love painting, doing calligraphy and drinking iced coffee!

I decided to serve with NET because for the past 6 years I have been involved in youth ministry and it really changed my life! Without youth ministry, I wouldn't know Christ the way I do today. Helping youth grow closer to God is one of my greatest passions and while deciding what to do next year God really placed a desire in my heart to do NET. So here I am! and I am so excited to give back to youth ministry and help youth all around Canada to recognize how much God loves them!

I am so grateful to be given this opportunity and I'd like to invite you to consider be part of our mission through your financial support! It is because of your financial support that NET is able to reach thousands of youth all over Canada. If you donate $50 or more, or donate monthly you will be receiving NET newsletters as well as personal letters from me, updating you throughout the year! Thank you so much in advance and Thanks for visiting my page! :) Be assured of my prayers for all of you! God Bless.