Paul Bruneau, Coquitlam BC


Hi, my name is Paul Bruneau, I’m from Coquitlam BC. I love spending time in God’s wonderful creation, either hiking, sailing, or any other form of outdoor activity. I chose to serve on NET this year because I felt that God was calling me to serve Him in a more radical way by going out to others, beyond my comfort zone, and kindling in the them the fire of His love.

I was placed on Team 1, and we have been ministering to different diocese' throughout the year. It was amazing to see how God worked through us in all those 50 retreats in Alberta. It has helped me grow in my own faith, and it has helped countless other youth come closer to Christ as well. This is all thanks to you, amazing co-missionaries! I look forward to our time up here in Whitehorse, and pray that it be fruitful for all of us. We arrived here Jan 7th, isolated for two weeks, and will be here until the end of May. Please keep us in your prayers, as well as the people of Whitehorse. I keep you all in my prayers everyday.

I invite you to join me on this mission of spreading the Good News of God’s love for us by aiding me financially. Your generous donations will be greatly appreciated and help us to spread the love of Christ to all mankind. If you donate $50 or more, or give monthly, you will receive the NET newsletter and my personal letters updating you on our mission this year. Thank you for your support, I am praying for you, and may God bless you and guide you wherever you may go.