Pia Ocenar - Calgary, AB


Hey Everyone,

I am Pia Ocenar, from Calgary, Alberta. Since I live so close to the mountains, I love all things outdoors, which includes hiking, backpacking and snowboarding. Ask me any questions about any flora and fauna of the Rockies, I will probably know the answer to it.

I had just gotten off my year with NET Canada the 2019-2020 and I felt called to continue my journey with NET by serving with NET for a second year. With sharing my story with the youth and how my relationship with Jesus changed my life. The past year I was able to see how Jesus work through me to be able to work with the youth of Canada.

I have been placed on the team that currently serves in Vancouver, where we currently work with two high schools in the area. The main focus of my team’s ministry is to create and lead small groups within the student population, so we are able to show them that they can be young and also be an active Catholic. Ministry has been very fruitful despite the pandemic. We have been able to go into the schools and interact with the students, of course with Covid protocols in place. One thing I am looking forward to in the future is being able to work with more students and being able to just connect with them.  

If you would like to join the mission of NET and become a missionary with NET, you can do this with financial support. Though you would not be physically on the road with me but you would be on this mission with me. If you donate $50 or more, I will send out a personal letter on how the mission is going and a NET newsletter.

Thank you for visiting my page! You will be in my prayers always.

God Bless,
Pia Ocenar